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Tommy Emmanuel Uploads Guitar Instructional Videos for Free on YouTube

The great guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel has uploaded his instructional videos onto YouTube:

  • Guitar Talk

  • Up Close

  • Emmanuel Labor

The two-time GRAMMY nominee from Australia has been hailed as one of the greatest guitarists of all time and these three instructional DVDs are excellent tutorials for guitarists of all abilities.

What is remarkable is the fact that Tommy Emmanuel cannot read music but instead relies on his ear, hard work, and world class skill as an improviser, arranger and composer. Not boxed into a single style, Emmanuel appears to be comfortable performing in any genre of music. Regarding music theory, Tommy Emmanuel appears to eschew much of the academic analysis found in music colleges and relies on practical experience.

Below are a sample of the available videos now released on his YouTube Channel.

Harmonics on the Guitar

Lead Electric Guitar Improvisation

Boom Chick Fingerstyle

Endless Road (Tutorial)

Tall Fiddler (Tutorial)

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