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The Art of Partimento Facebook Group hits 1,000 members

On March 23rd, The "Art of Partimento" Facebook group reached 1,000 members in size, growing at a quick pace.

The group describes itself as:

"Fan club for all who want to get acquainted or have a better grasp on the prestigious compositional school of Naples and the art of partimenti. This page is for musicians, scholars, and amateurs, who would like to discuss and share thoughts on one of the most important school of composition, which lasted more than two centuries. "

The group is named after the book by the same name by Giorgio Sanguinetti, who happens to also be a Moderator. Other notable members in the group include Peter van Tour, Vasili Byros, John Mortensen, Ewald Demeyere, Marco Pollaci, Nicholas Baragwanath, Lydia Carlisi and many more prestigious scholars.

To mark the special occasion, the 1,000th member appeared to win a digital reproduction of a partimento manuscript.

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