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Peter van Tour releases rare collection of exercises by one of Mozart's teachers, Padre Martini

In a new publication edited by Professor Peter van Tour, Giovanni Battista Martini's ("Padre Martini") collection of thoroughbass exercises are now available for purchase.

Peter van Tour on Facebook:

"Am happy to announce that the thoroughbass exercises by Giambattista Martini have now been published in a modern edition by Wessman's Publishers. As I will show in a forthcoming article, there is a good amount of evidence that these exercises were used by Martini's students in contrapuntal instruction. These exercises were not only used to practice accompaniment and improvisation, they were also used for developing skills in diminution practice, variation, modulation, and even as exercises over which students wrote their exercises in counterpoint."
Ron Hogan checks out the exercises

The catalog can be purchased at Wessmans HERE:

"Giambattista Martini's Libro per Accompagnare is here firstly published in a modern edition. Martini, who was the teacher of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and many other famous composers, taught his students the art of making beautiful lines over a figured bass. Through such exercises, students honed their skills in improvisation and thoroughbass. This book of exercises is what we today would see as the jazz musician's 'Real Book', a book through which one learned a basic sett of skills to improvise."

The response appears to be universally positive:

Listen to Nikhil's interview with Peter on the Nikhil Hogan Show:

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