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Partimento Tutorial Furno No. 2 (4-voice)

Couple of mistakes in the video corrected by Ewald Demeyere:

1) I said F instead of the correct E# on the chord on scale degree 6 descending to 5.

2) Bar 3, Beat 2 and 3: another reason we don't use the Rule of the Octave is because we didn't descend from F# to the E in the bass.

3) At 7:09, it's better to say that we double the 3rd as a consequence of voice leading.

4) For the 1-4-3 bass progression, we play a 3-voice texture even though in the sources we have examples with parallel octaves because at this stage the student is acquiring the sound not voice leading. But we do 3-voices anyway because it's good to consider voice leading.

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