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New Facebook Group dedicated to Music Schemata created

A new Facebook Group dedicated to the Music Schemata Theory has recently been created on Facebook. Admins include the esteemed Professors Vasili Byros and Ewald Demeyere.

The admins have posted a detailed description of the Group's mission and purpose:

This group is a forum dedicated to musical schemata (as they have been defined in North American music theory, particularly by the “Penn School” represented by the work of Leonard Meyer, Robert Gjerdingen, and Vasili Byros) or Satzmodelle (their counterpart in Germanophone parts of Europe dealt with by Felix Diergarten, Johannes Menke, and Ludwig Holtmeier).
Schemata and Satzmodelle occupy a central place in the development of what Giorgio Sanguinetti described as a “new theory” for music of the long 18th century (Eighteenth-Century Music, 2014), which also includes Italian partimento and Austrian partitura, both of which might be considered parts of a broader thoroughbass Renaissance, of sorts, and a growing operationalization of historical pedagogy and music theory over the last decade or so.
Schemata sit at the center of this “new theory,” as its essential focus is the idea of musical patterning, and its creative implications for improvisation and composition, as well as analysis.
We intend this forum as a way of sharing both ideas and music: * to consolidate, expand, interrogate, and develop the idea of musical schemata through dialogue; * to demonstrate them practically through performance, improvisation, and/or composition; * to inform about the current state of research (articles, books, links etc.).
Neither in its conceptual definitions nor in its practical uses does a musical pattern ever really present itself in the selfsame way. There is a great deal of variety—indeed, there is an art to schemata.

An interview with Professor Byros on the Nikhil Hogan Show is available on YouTube:

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