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Groundbreaking Solfeggio monograph to be published in October

In a post on March 8th on the Art of Solfeggio Facebook Group, Professor Nicholas Baragwanath has posted an update regarding the publication date of his highly anticipated Solfeggio monograph.

It is now expected to be published on October 12, 2020, after several delays.

With the Partimento revolution in music education circles over the last decade, a missing component of the Neapolitan pedagogy remained to be explored: Italian Solfeggio.

Modern scholars have pored over the curriculum of the conservatories of Naples and made significant strides in partimento and counterpoint pedagogical research but the practice of Italian Solfeggio has continued to remain a mystery.

An integral component of the Neapolitan conservatories, Italian solfeggio appeared to have been a requirement for all students for approximately 3 years before progression to playing instruments.

Italian Solfeggio is widely different from both Move-able and Fixed Do, with a hexachordal approach to syllables and a sensitivity to contrapuntal movement that appeared to rapidly teach students fundamentals, intonation, improvisation, composition and a whole host of core music skills.

An interview with Professor Baragwanath is available on the Nikhil Hogan Show:

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