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Free PDF: (Neapolitan) Cadences in all keys

Visit Songbird Music Academy's Free Resources Page to download the FREE PDF on Cadences in all keys.

According to The Art of Partimento, before students worked on the Rule of the Octave, they became well acquainted with the 3 types of Cadences: Simple, Compound and Double.

This was of course, after the required 3 years of Italian Solfeggio, to acquaint the students with the galant musical language of the 18th century.

What's interesting is the difference between the Neapolitan Cadences and the Cadences normally taught today such as the Perfect Authentic Cadence or the Imperfect Inauthentic Cadence which relate closer to chord inversion theory and Roman Numerals.

For more discussions about Cadences, it is worth listening to the interview with the great Professor William Caplin:

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