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FREE PDF: Learn all 7 Clefs, just like students in the Partimento/Solfeggio Tradition

If you're going to be learn music according to the principles of the Neapolitan tradition of Partimento/Solfeggio/Music Schema/Counterpoint, you'll need to acquaint yourself with 7 Clefs.

Click HERE for your FREE PDF of all 7 clefs.

Normally when learning music, most music students learn to read the Treble (G) clef and if they play piano, they would add in the Bass (F) clef. Beyond that, the remaining clefs are typically ignored or categorized as archaic and redundant.

Not so with the Neapolitans who greatly valued the importance of learning multiple clefs and learned to navigate them with ease.

It's all the more remarkable that even young children were able to perform solfeggio reading 7 clefs, using the unique Italian Solfeggio hexachordal system.

As Professor Marco Pollaci, admin of the essential Art of Partimento Facebook Group, explains:

The main 4 clefs are the Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass
Soprano (1st line C Clef)
Alto (3rd line C Clef)
Tenor (4th line C Clef)
Bass (4th line F Clef)
The 7 are organized into 3 Female Operatic Voices (Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Alto), 3 Male Operatic Voices (Tenor, Baritone, Bass) and the "famous" Violin G Clef.

Songbird Music Academy is proud to revive this important tradition and as part of our methodology, the learning of the 7 clefs is an integral part of the instruction.

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